GRANDVIEW — Inspiring dancers of all ages, former Seattle Seahawk Sea Gal cheerleaders Mhkeeba Pate and Brittany Corley did more than make a smiling appearance at the Dance Factory in Grandview – they coached and demonstrated their shared commitment for building strong dancers with a dedicated athleticism for empowerment in strength and conditioning, flexibility and core workout performance.

“I’m glad to give them the opportunity to reach beyond our studio and think bigger… This is their moment to like, wow! I want to be them someday,” owner Melodie Griffin expressed.

Pate and Corley have over 11 years of combined professional experience in the National Football League performing at over 110 home games and representing the Seahawks throughout the community. Pate cheered in Super Bowl 48 XLVIII, along with Corley in Super Bowl 49 XLIX.

They’ve been out in the lower valley before as part of the promotional “Twelfth Tour” where players and cheerleaders hit the road and travel throughout the state conducting youth clinics and recognizing the large contingency of Seahawk fans. “…Hey, with 300 days of sunshine, I’m all in,” Pate exclaimed.

When football players are training in preparation for their upcoming season or practicing game day situations, cheerleaders are in the gym and dance studio, working out, choreographing and performing their athletic dance routines with physical precision and dedication just like their counterparts, the former Sea Gals confidently acknowledged.

For both Pate and Corley, it’s important that cheerleaders are considered athletes as well as entertainers. “I think it’s really important to instill that in girls especially and at a younger age. And, so that’s what we really want to do,” Corley stated.

Balancing their passion for dance with the enjoyment of performing, the retired cheerleaders have attained a high-level of classroom achievement as well.

“We definitely want to show them that there is a life after cheerleading and that you can continue on dancing throughout life. But it’s also important to get out in the community and give back,” Corley explained as she cooled down after the 90-minute session at the Dance Factory, 131 Division Street.

Pate graduated with a degree in Marketing from Georgetown University and completed her Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degree from Temple University.

Corley graduated with a degree in Art, Media and Culture from University of Washington.

Their sideline ambitions and spirited enthusiasm for an industry in which they love has continued to evolve. They host a, “Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Truth Behind the Poms.”

The weekly show reveals untold behind-the-scene stories from inside the cheerleader locker room.

“There are many issues that have been hitting our dance community where unfortunately, there’s a lot of jobs in jeopardy because they’re changing dance teams. They’re removing all- female dance teams,” Pate alarmingly revealed.

“Just showing that you’re having a wonderful time and it makes people smile and have fun with you. And, so that’s what we try to embody when we’re performing,” Pate conveyed. “And these kids have definitely shown us their stuff today!”

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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