SUNNYSIDE — While the youngsters are having fun learning the fundamentals of tennis, one parent is happy her children are finding joy in the sport she loves.

Tara Curfman signed her two boys, Cal and Max, up for lessons this summer, hoping they would enjoy the sport.

“I grew up playing tennis,” she said, noting she spent summers on the tennis courts and wanted her children to find the same joy.

“They’re having a really fun time,” Curfman said of the lessons the boys are taking part in.

The camp’s instructor, John Rodriguez, said he’s teaching younger children eye-hand coordination skills.

“All the kids are anxious — that’s the good thing,” he said.

Agility is also an important cornerstone of the sport, Rodriguez said as he prepared a group of 5 and 6-year-olds for a modified game of catch.

Curfman’s boys are excited each Tuesday and Thursday, knowing they will get to take part in more fun and games, learning skills they aren’t aware will help them to one day volley the ball back and forth to one another.

She said the younger son, Cal, is eager to play and tries to practice at home.

Max, Curfman said, gets roped into trying to volley the ball, but she said it will be when they get on a court together that the true desire to play will shine.

“They’re also looking forward to playing with their cousins who play tennis,” she said.

The Lower Valley Tennis Club sponsors the summer lessons at the Sunnyside High School tennis courts, which last six weeks through Aug. 1.

The students said they have practiced bouncing the ball and watching it with their eyes.

“I plan to help them learn swings and stances,” Rodriguez said, noting last Tuesday, July 9, was the start of the third week of lessons.

Lessons are provided for children as old as 18, he said.

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