Greyhounds special teams

GRANDVIEW — Greyhounds special teams pre-snap before hiking ball to the kicker.

GRANDVIEW — Continuing to make strides, the Greyhounds’ football team is gearing up, with their first game on Friday, Sept. 6, against Kiona-Benton. Coach Darren Mezger is confident in his teams’ progress thus far.

With unexpected players joining the Greyhound roster, the athletes and coaches alike are excited to get this season rolling.

Mezger mentioned “It’s just going to be about getting the characteristic of this team; this team is going to be a little different than last year, especially offensively, we’ve got more receivers out that can really open up the offense.”

The team’s structure is shaping up offensively and the Greyhounds are looking to capitalize with their strong depth in the secondary. They feel certain this is their year to play in their stadium when playoffs roll around.

The team is focused not only on winning, but also on character development.

Passionate about the team’s values, Mezger is looking to instill solid character into each of his players on and off the field.

The Greyhounds 2A Division is tough and requires the whole team to come together. “We practice the way we play; we also have to be smart in the way we play,” Mezger commented.

The Greyhounds believe in working their players in practice tough and fairly. They avoid hitting their quarterbacks and focus on making game-intense decisions. Returning senior, Rocco Parish is excited to start competing in his last season. His offseason consisted of developing faster feet and visioning pre-snap reads.

“As a quarterback, footwork and reading the defense, knowing what the defense is going to do before I get the ball in my hands,” Parish explained, is key to elevating his game in the quarterback position.

“We take every game as serious as our last, always expecting a battle, no matter who the team is. . . taking it week by week. . . getting ready to battle every game.”

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