Morgan Green

Morgan Green

SUNNYSIDE — Morgan Green will be stepping into her new role as SHS Head Girls Soccer Coach, while building upon the success of the JV team she helped guide last season, as well as maintaining her interscholastic responsibilities with the Lady Griz basketball program.

“I’ve been in the program and saw what we were able to do last year. I’m excited for the opportunity to continue building on the progress we’ve made,” Green stated.

At the start of the team’s summer training activities last week, the Sierra Vista Middle School math teacher met with players and informed them that she will be taking over as their new head coach. Green’s message to the girls was to keep touching the ball as much as they can.

“The more consistent we are in our training, the better we’re going together as a whole,” she exclaimed. “We’re just trying to get them out there for the love of the game and enjoy being on the field.”

The former Snohomish High School graduate was a four-year varsity starter in soccer and basketball. Green was named the Everett Herald newspaper’s, “Player of the Year” for the Wesco Athletic Conference in 2012.

“I love both sports. When I was in high school people would ask me, ‘Which one is your favorite?’ and I wouldn’t give them an answer,” she acknowledged. “If you put a soccer and basketball in front of me, I would probably go start juggling a soccer ball,” coach Green expressed.

Green felt that playing both sports benefited her because they balanced one another. She described how basketball’s decision-making skills translates over to soccer like footwork from the pitch relates to the hardwood.

“Soccer in particular is the kind of sport that I really loved playing,” coach conceded.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a teaching certification from Gonzaga University, Green moved to Sunnyside and began working at Sierra Vista in 2017.

Interscholastic athletics at SHS are education based, Athletic Director Scott Paine said.

Coaches not only teach the sport but they’re also responsible for instilling Grizzly core values and life lessons, he explained.

“I think she will be very good at connecting with the girls, having relational trust, building good relationships and modeling the appropriate behaviors that are going to lead the kids that she has in her program to be outstanding student-athletes,” Paine noted.

He pointed out that Green fully understands the X’s and O’s, managing complex in-game strategies and comprehensive practices.

“A lot of times your best teachers are your best coaches.”

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