Girls soccer program

Girls soccer program running drills one week prior to soccer tryouts.

SUNNYSIDE — Members of the Sunnyside Grizzly girls’ soccer program set up a workout at Chief Kamiakin Elementary a week before team tryouts take place in preparation for building upcoming season momentum.

Senior Kameron Rodriguez led the workout with five other players as she spoke about the girls’ varsity team being in the middle of a five-year team rebuild.

According to Rodriguez, this year is a pivotal year for the Grizzly girls to start a culture of winning.

One of the main themes of the workout was to not get down on themselves, “. . . Being positive within ourselves. . . we are trying to make ourselves better,” said Rodriguez.

Currently looking for growth and strength in the program, the girls are hopeful to flip things around for the upcoming season, the two-sport athlete expressed. She also played on last season’s Big 9 Conference Champion basketball team.

The girls’ soccer team traditionally has fallen under the shadow of the boys’ program. The team remains committed to switch things around this season.

The team acknowledges they have taken criticism, but they are determined, are staying positive and working hard toward to make themselves better.

“Sports have always been something that made me happy,” said Rodriguez. She explained how she’s always played soccer and basketball as a family sport.

After graduation, Rodriguez plans to study marine science and play college basketball.

Morgan Greene takes over as head soccer coach. “We’re excited this year to build on what we started last year,” exclaimed Greene. She also remains on the Lady Griz varsity basketball staff and has coached Rodriguez in the past, saying, “She is a hard worker.” In soccer she stated, “. . . she’s a defensive anchor.”

This is Greene’s fourth season with Rodriguez in the basketball program and first in soccer. “She knows what she’s doing,” Rodriguez enthusiastically added.

Rodriguez discussed the Grizzlies’ new coach and how the entire team is excited to have her.

Practicing regularly through the summer is how the team has improved their conditioning, Rodriguez explained, we’re “. . . trying to be prepared.”

Last year the girls’ soccer team’s injuries were attributed to not being properly conditioned and the team just wasn’t ready for their season.

The goals are different this year, Rodriguez maintained. The team’s mindset and conditioning are already improved from last season.

Tryouts will begin Monday for two days and will be from 4-6:30 p.m. at Chief Kamiakin Elementary.

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