SUNNYSIDE — Former Sunnyside High School hoops players from the class of 1972 to 2018 joined up to splash down a few buckets with holiday flair for the Third annual Boys Basketball Alumni game on Saturday, Nov. 30.

“It’s great that our alumni come out to support the squad and our summer basketball program,” JV coach and varsity assistant Adam Ramos proudly voiced as he also spoke about the importance of the interaction between former and present players… “Life is bigger than basketball but there is so much basketball can bring out kids.”

“We have players that have gone on to start successful businesses and doing good things in the community. Our players get to see that and talk with them. And, they learn from the example which has been set by the alumni when they’re done here to comeback and give back.”

A SHS class of 2008 alumni and first-time father to recently born baby Alonzo, Ramos was excited to play in the game before the newest Grizzly in training – sharing in the family tradition of Grizzly basketball, making it easier for everyone to stick together, even if they were unable to attend but still sought to donate to the program.

Former hoops star from the class of 1972 and current History and Government teacher Pete Marquez, who is retiring after more than 30-years of teaching at the end of the school year, played with his two sons, Pedro, class of 05 and Zach, of 07 on the same team.

“I’ve been working on my shot. I can hit it from four to four feet away all day. I’m on the block. That’s all I can hit it from,” Marquez revealed during pregame warmups. “They’re all ball hogs on my team, I don’t get no respect. If I touch that ball, it’s going to be crazy. They’re only going to give me the ball to wipe it off.”

During the shoot around, Marquez said he was thinking about stretching out but that was going to be a game time decision. He planned on scoring at least four points and two assists with the mindset that he may have to scrap a bit to achieve his lofty goals in adding to his Grizzly highlights on the court.

“I guarded Pat Hoke who played for Boise State and he scored about 40 on me. And two, I shot 14 times at Richland and made zero. And, we lost 95 to like 42,” Marquez fondly recalled.

“We’ll give him the ball if he’s open,” his boys proclaimed after they were asking him if his drawers were a little tight. “He’s going old school tonight… “Basically, everyone’s got to leave him alone and he’s just going to shoot. We’ll just give him his four points easy. Then, we can get him off the floor!”

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