Spring training under way on Sunnyside gridiron

It’s a stampede when Coach John Lobbestael turns the boys loose for a race.

SUNNYSIDE — It’s spring, so it must be baseball.

No, no longer. In Sunnyside and communities across the state, it’s spring football.

The Grizzlies started spring practice this week and will be finishing up next week. Coach John Lobbestael, who has brought the program back to prominence, had 60 turnouts on Wednesday, June 6.

Watching the players, you could be convinced they will not drop a beat this year. The Grizzlies are big and enthusiastic. They ran with pleasure as Lobbestael put them through endurance training.

There were a few glitches, as often happens at spring football. The coach, himself, forgot how to build a pyramid. After ordering the boys to form groups of five, he had one group demonstrate how to build a pyramid.

The boys struggled until Lobbestael remembered it needed six players. He had the players re-form in groups of 6.

The pyramid game is a contest used for getting players into “shape” and “team” building. Wearing full gear, the boys sprinted from sideline to sideline.

At each sideline they had to form a pyramid to the satisfaction of coaches before they could go on. They ran until they had a winner.

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