BRISK MORNING RUN — Walter Castilleja, No. 30. Was one of 44 runners competing in the Grandview Chamber of Commerce Turkey Trot 5K held Saturday, Nov. 23.

GRANDVIEW — With a time of 18:16, Izak Garza of Grandview finished first in the premier Grandview Chamber of Commerce Turkey Trot 5K held Saturday, Nov. 23.

Competing in the junior division, he was one of 44 runners to turn out for the brisk morning run. Close behind Garza was Jose Morales with a time of 18:39.

First in the adult division was Adolfo DeRobles with a time of 18:45, followed by Nate Mendoza at18:58.

Ethan Cisneros and Triton Sanchez, were first and second place finishers in the children’s one-mile run.

The first-place prize was a turkey and second place was potatoes. The third-place winner received a pumpkin pie.

Registration funds raised at this event will be used to produce the Chamber’s spring fun run tentatively scheduled for March.

Sponsors included: GMC Training Institute, Stegeman Electric, Studio B Integrative Massage therapy for pain management and wellness, Grandview Clinic-PMH, Grandview Physical Therapy, Safeway, Bleyhl Coop, Camacho Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, Horace Mann Insurance, Bestebreur Bros Construction, TRT Printed, Winners Circle Award Ribbons, Finishing Touch Barbershop, Vintage 509 and the Grandview High School HOSA Club.

Turkey Trot 5k finish results

First place: Izak Garza, junior, 18:16

Second: Jorge Morales, junior, 18:39

Third place: Adolfo DeRobles, adult; 18:45

Fourth place; Nate Mendoza, adult, 18:58

Fifth place: Adrian Benitez, adult, 20:09

Sixth place: Cole Judkins, junior, 22:20

Seventh place: Christian Rodriguez, junior, 23:44

Eighth pace Epi Solis, adult; 23:40

Ninth place: Carlos Cortez, master; 24:10

10th place: Elijah Cisneros, junior, 26:15

11th place: Andres DeRobles, junior, 26:35

12th place: Marx Benno, master, 27:04

13th place: Trey Sowers, adult, 27:49

14th place: Trevor Sowers, youth, 27:50

15th place: Katia Hernandez, junior, 27.52

16th place: Walter Castilleja, masters, 29:57

17th place: Adriana Clara, masters, 30:46

18th place: Gretchen Chronis, masters, 33:13

19th place, Gloria Mendoza, masters, 33:36

20th place: Yvette Ornelas, adult, 34:04

21st place: Lupita Saliaza, adult, 34:05

22nd place: Maria Castor, masters, 34:08

23rd place: Jose Cisneros, adult, 35:36

24th place: Sally Mendoza, masters, 36:48

25th place, Michael Kantman, masters, 37:30

26th place: Erick Cisneros, youth , 40:27

27th place: Isabela Garza, youth, 40:29

28th place Alba Weaver, adult, 41:29

29th place: Gabriela Clara, adult, 42:43

30th place: Allie LaMotte, adult, 45:40

31st place: Terrie Larson, masters, 35:40

32nd place: Martha Marquina, adult, 46:31

33rd place: Isaac Bestebreur, junior, 47:28

34th place: Glenn Bestebreur, masters 50:40

35th place: Rebekah Bestebreur, junior, 50:40

36th place: Krysta Beach, adult, 53:21

37th place: Emily Woodward, adult, 54:21

38th place: Adam Garza, masters, 55:24

39th place: Erica Garza, masters, 55:24

40th place: Lupe Martinez, masters; 55:26

41st place: Holly Castle, masters, 55:25

42nd place: Lindy Carr, masters, 55:28.

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