Jason Ort

Jason Ortiz, 14, on “Dirty Bay, competes in one of the Yakima Valley Team Penning Club events held this past summer, which earned him the club’s ‘Most Improved Rider’ award.

SUNNYSIDE — The Yakima Valley Team Penning Club honored its young riders at its awards banquet on Saturday, Nov. 9 in Terrace Heights.

Jason Ortiz, 14, was named the “Most Improved Rider,” having tamed his Grandfather’s horse, “Dirty Bay” for competition in the Youth penning contests held locally at Specks Arena.

“Ortiz and his three-man team (including Delilah Hailer and Jason Robinson) took second place in the youth class and ended the year with 177 point in the youth class,” club spokesperson Connie Hauver explained.

“Ortiz has only been riding since he was 12 and he really loves it,” his grandmother Yolanda Vachon of West Valley said.

“Jason took to training ‘Dirty Bay’ after the mare had successfully bucked all other riders off,” Mrs. Vachon noted.

“Ortiz also competes in ranch sorting alongside his grandfather,” she added.

“I started riding super hard this past year,” Jason, a freshman at West Valley High School acknowledged. “I rode ‘Dirty Bay’ almost seven days a week,” he conveyed adding the best part of getting the Youth Improved rider award is the new saddle that came with the honor.

Cindy Redding earning the Vic Woods’ Memorial Trophy. Redding received the award in recognition of her “above and beyond behind the scenes efforts during the penning season.”

Also earning a special award was Evin Harvey, who earned the Wilson Winters Memorial Buckle given by Darrell Winters in honor of his late, 15-year-old grandson, Wilson.

“The memorial buckle is given to a youth rider that shows extra kindness and good character,” Hauver explained.

Team Penning results for Oct. 5 and 6 at Speck’s Arena in Sunnyside:

OPEN CLASS (34 Teams): 1- Teresa Long, Darrell Winters, Barb Nelson, 6 cows, 61.58 sec.; 2- LeAnne Wolf, Beth Rishor, Cayley Rishor-Oiney, 6, 66.06; 3- Larry Wolf, Jessica Martinez, Cayley Rishor-Oiney, 6, 71.92; 4- Larry Hauver, Jay Cartmell, Dan Hunsaker, 6, 78.76.

AMATEUR CLASS (23 Teams): 1- Amelia Hailer, Wyatt Crowley, Jason Ortiz, 6 cows, 68.99 sec.; 2 - Jeff Oyarzo, Ron Davis, Connie Hauver, 6, 70.01; 3- Connie Hauver, Amelia Hailer, Netta Hailer, 6, 94.34.

NOVICE CLASS (15 Teams): 1- Daryl Kepler, Bev Schieche, Evin Harvey, 6 cows, 118.99 sec.; 2 - Heather Calhoon, Tom Leite, Rae Ann Jonson, 6, 139.42.

GREEN NOVICE (4 Teams): 1- Rae Ann Jonson, Brooke Argento, W/Mark Crowley, 4 cows, 136.88 sec.; 2 - Keeley Leite, Brooke Argento, W/Mark Crowley, 3, 43.71.

YOUTH CLASS (5 Teams): 1 - Delilah Hailer, Evin Harvey, w/Teresa Long, 6 cows, 134.38 sec.; 2 - Delilah Hailer, Jason Ortiz, w/Jason Robinson, 6, 157.12.

PAN CLASS (47 Teams): 1 - Jay Cartmell, Diane Davis, Keeley Leite, 6 cows, 70.27 sec.; 2 - Kelley Irwin, Jason Robinson, Rae Ann Jonson, 6, 72.42; 3 - Teresa Long, Wyatt Crowley, Evin Harvey, 6, 73.35; 4 - Denis Gamache, Ron Davis, Jason Ortiz, 6, 73.59; 5 - Mark Crowley, Amelia Hailer, Evin Harvey, 6, 82.85.


OPEN CLASS: 1-Teresa Long, 639 Pts; 2-Darrell Winters, 623; 3-Connie Martinez, 582; 4-Dan Hunsaker, 529;5-Barb Nelson, 431.

AMATEUR CLASS: 1-Connie Hauver, 467 Pts; 2-Jeff Oyarzo, 450.5; 3-Pam Bright, 425; 3-Ron Davis, 425; 5- Jessica Martinez, 378.

NOVICE CLASS: 1-AI Ford, 285 Pts; 2-Joyce Roberts, 280; 3-Bev Schieche, 263; 4-Evin Harvey, 261; 5-Vicki Gatliff, 212.

GREEN NOVICE CLASS: 1-Keeley Leite, 168 Pts.

YOUTH CLASS: 1-Jason Ortiz, 177 Pts; 2-Evin Harvey, 144; 3-Kassidey Brownlee, 121; 4-Julianne Hinkle, 90; 5- Delilah Hailer, 75.

PAN-OPEN CLASS: 1-Jay Cartmell, 934 Pts; 2-Mark Crowley, 838; 3-Bill Jones, 655; 4-Teresa Long, 626; 5-

Darrell Winters, 496.

PAN-AMATEUR CLASS: 1-Jane Bouchey, 818 Pts; 2-Wyatt Crowley, 740.5; 3-Amelia Hailer, 687; 4-Matt Vachon, 628; 5-Ron Davis, 627.5.

PAN-NOVICE CLASS: 1-Tori Calhoon, 910 Pts; 2-Jason Ortiz, 825; 3-Evin Harvey, 765; 4-Heather Calhoon, 548; 5- AI Ford, 430.

Julia Hart can be reached at 509-837-4500, ext. 123 or at jhart@sunnysidesun.com

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