SUNNYSIDE – On the first day of Kids Get Fit Camp, Angel Aguinaga, 4, was quietly reserved – that’s before he discovered his athletic agility and balance for participating in the collaborative conditioning drills.

By the third day, the four-year old tike was leading the workout charge and his confident personality beamed with a vocal expressiveness of laughter.

“I want him to do all the things that I never had the privilege of doing when I was kid,” Angel’s dad Martin Aguinaga described as he cheered on his aspiring Sunnyside Grizzly athlete.

The weekday, 2-3 p.m. camp took place out front the Community Center at 1521 S. 1st St., which began on July 15, featured a curriculum specifically designed for youngsters between the ages of two and four.

They participated in running, jumping, skipping, walking and talking activities as they experienced outdoor fitness with a focus of developing ongoing life skills.

“I’m probably having more fun than he is,” Sunnyside Parks & Rec Coordinator Lander Grow exclaimed after working out with the young grizzly athlete in training while recovering from the bear crawl exercise. “It’s a fun one for kids to enjoy and teaches them to have good eye and hand coordination to get their legs and eyes and hands moving all at the same time.”

Kids in this age group can’t usually figure out how to move their hands forward while their legs are moving in tandem the exhausted camp trainer explained.

Zigzags were another fundamental taught to help them run backwards or back pedal, along with adding the catching and tossing of a basketball into the exercise, provided additional eye and hand dexterity.

Aguinaga’s six-year-old daughter Anahi, along with her brother were also signed up for Kinder Basketball Camp from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. at South Hill Park. On Monday, July 22, both kids started the week-long Kinder Soccer Camp for four to six-year-olds.

“They’ve been bouncing the ball and shooting baskets together at home. They enjoy playing outside and being active,” Aguinaga happily stated while smiling at the fact his two kids are having a wonderful and memorable summer. The soon to be father of three is also excited about adding another player to the hoops and soccer team family.

“He’s enjoying himself and pushing me to my limits, we’re having a good time,” Grow acknowledged while looking forward to offering the camp again. “I believe the program is a great way to get kids exercising and having a great time doing it.”

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