SUNNYSIDE — Coach Eisenga explaining the importance of lower body involvement to translate into higher jumps.

SUNNYSIDE — The Sunnyside Christian girls’ volleyball team is off to a fast start. They ran practice Aug. 28, and trained for their upcoming jamboree.

Coach Laura Eisenga is starting her team’s season by building strength through drills, solid work ethic, and discipline. She commented, “We are entering the season strong, we have a lot going on for us; we have good leadership, we have two seniors this year and we have a lot of good incoming juniors with a lot of experience.”

Eisenga said her confidence is absolute in her veterans’ ability to lead the team.

She also spoke about her incoming players, “We have a lot of girls who are really excited to get on the team who are really fighting for positions.” Eisenga explained the new players are working hard to earn those open spots.

The competition the team is most looking forward to includes Bickleton, Klickitat, and Lyle. They are practicing focused and intense. They are working on being engaged the whole game and playing their brand of volleyball.

The intensity held high, throughout each practice, according to Eisenga, to increase conditioning and mental toughness.

Eisenga believes this type of dynamic and structure helps elevate the team. The third-year varsity coach is determined to develop the team’s ability to be serious contenders. She is ensuring players continue to focus on teamwork and trusts each player to produce in her position.

The Christian Knights are gathering themselves to compete in the Greater Columbia Gorge 1B conference.

Senior, Brooklon Struikmans, has enthusiasm and appreciation for her senior year on the team, “I’m excited to play hard, as seniors we are kind of leaders now, we got to teach the younger girls new things, and really go out there and give it our all and communicate with them and teach them how to be when they grow up.”

Carrying out her responsibilities, Struikmans plays outside hitter and defensive specialist.

Proud to represent the maroon and gold, Struikmans is excited for the Knight’s volleyball season, and is gearing up to make this a good year. The team is looking forward to their upcoming jamboree in Granger this Saturday, Sept. 7.

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