DEFENSIVE INSTRUCTION — Sunnyside Christian basketball coach Brian Bosma directs the 1-3-1 fundamentals to amplify the Lady Knights’ intensity of play on both ends of the court during their Thursday, Nov. 21 practice.

SUNNYSIDE — On the fourth day of practice for the Lady Knights basketball teams, the defensive game instruction featured a 1-3-1 scheme to get players’ mindset on turning up their intensity on both ends of the floor during the 5:30 p.m. gym workout on Thursday, Nov. 21.

“I like to get that aggressive attitude started. I don’t want to see anybody out there waiting for the other team to run their play,” coach Brian Bosma stated.

Coach reported that this season is going to resemble the solid principles that were put in place from last year. On offense, he’s expecting players not to just run a play but to make a play.

Senior point guard Madi Candanoza will be guiding Sunnyside Christian’s offense as she is once again excited to be back on the court with her varsity teammates and are focused on getting better. “Practice has been going great and we’re looking on building from last year’s success,” she conveyed.

Their opponents will be looking to disrupt that game plan and the Lady Knights will have to be ready to break down defenders when the opportunity is there for this upcoming season, coach noted.

“I think we’re further along than we were to start the season last year,” Bosma explained. “I always think of it like playing golf, it’s easier to get from being terrible to being okay. But, really hard to get from just being okay to being great. And that’s the challenge!”

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