Rivers Hawkers

LET ‘ER RIP — Rivers Hawkers is ready to pitch the ball in Thursday’s game against Othello. She walked two in the fourth inning and allowed three singles.

PROSSER — With the Central Washington Athletic Conference splitting its softball teams into two divisions this season, Prosser still sits firmly atop the Division 2 standings in spite of a 13-3 loss to Othello last Thursday.

Othello is No. 3 in Division 1 with a 6-3 league, 11-3 overall record, and the Lady Mustangs are 6-3, 9-5.

Prosser recovered from the single game loss to the Huskies, winning Saturday’s opener against Toppenish 20-7 and the nightcap 10-4.

In Thursday’s game, the more dominant Othello team had a strong defense. Prosser’s batters, if they connected, would get the ball into the outfield but the centerfielder or second base player were often ready for it.

On defense, Prosser committed several errors which allowed three unearned runs in the fourth inning.

It was in the bottom of that inning that Prosser was able to get three runs.

Olivia Campos, a freshman, was the first to score.

“It felt good,” she said, noting she was happy to boost the spirits of her teammates, giving them incentive to score runs behind her.

Othello’s pitcher allowed her to take first base on a walk, and Campos advanced to the next two bases on a steal and a single by Alana Metz.

Brooke Bennett hit a single for the RBI, and another RBI by Kaitlyn Rivera, as well as one by Rivers Hawkers gave Prosser three runs.

The score was 9-3, but the Huskies opened the fifth inning with three of the first four batters scoring runs on doubles by the fifth and sixth batters.

In spite of the loss, Coach Steve Yager was pleased with how well his Prosser girls fared against Othello, which he admits has a strong program.

“We’re competing with the big boys better than in the past,” he said.

The experience of his seven seniors, he said, makes a difference. They have been playing all four years “… and are doing what they’ve been learning.”

Grace Bestebreur, a sophomore, was recently named Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Athlete of the Week, and Yager said it is due to her dedication.

“Grace has been great — last year, she was good, but she played year around and has a good attitude,” he said.

“It’s good to see her hitting regularly. As team captain, she’s showing leadership,” Yager said.

Bestebreur thinks she’s seeing the ball better thanks to the coaches helping her with her swing.

Both Bestebreur and Campos said they were pleased overall with how well the Lady Mustangs held their own against Othello.

As a freshman, Campos said she’s happy to be a part of the Prosser team as the program grows stronger.

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