JOYFUL PINK — Head Coach Vanessa Medina (right) stands next to her team to honor their former coach/teacher Scott Sexton with shirts that read, “Make Mabton Volleyball mean something.”

MABTON — The Vikings (5-0,10-1) beat Dayton/ Waitsburg (1-3,5-10-1) in four sets 25-23,25-22,22-25,25-17 for their 2b Eastern Washington conference game Oct. 10.

The Vikings have embellished their season in honor of former teacher and coach Mr. Scott Sexton who wished, “Make Mabton Volleyball mean something.”

Players wore their pink shirts that had this quote on the back.

The Vikings have had an impressive season only losing one non-conference game at the beginning of the year.

Head coach Vanessa Medina said, “The girls really had to work together to finish this game. Our smallest height on the team put up some bigger numbers this game.”

Sophomore Maggie Magana lead the team with 43 digs. The starting server led the team with 28 total serves with eight aces.

Junior Captain Karina Garzon led the team with 20 kills from the outside.

“I really wanted to be 10-0,” the captain pronounced at the beginning of the season.

Senior Setter Kassandra Hernandez ended with 34 assists and did well overall.

“This makes Mabton Volleyball 10-0, which is new to the program,” spoke Medina, “it’s scary and exciting, because the girls have more pressure, but they’ve had it in them the whole time.”

Please check online for week’s scores. Their last game will be at home against Tri-Cities Prep at 6:30 Oct. 24 at Mabton High School.

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