SUNNYSIDE — Sunnyside’s Pioneer Elementary was the location of an annual fast-paced soccer tourney for local teams last weekend.

Los Malos hosted the Mid Valley Soccer Tournament this weekend, from Co-ed to U-13 Division.

Tourney results are:

U-13 1st Division Final (Giants vs Strikers 5-2) and Co-ed Division Champions (Strikers vs Diablos7-5).

Coach Arturo Cervantes of Sunnyside’s Strikers team commented on his team’s successful tournament victory this weekend, “We have been playing together for a while, and we know where our teammates are at on the field. They play in different tournaments throughout the valley and never get discouraged if they are short-handed or if things may seem to not go their way.”

Cervantes noted teams must hustle and demonstrate their determination throughout the tournament, and the Strikers did just that.

Christian Vasquez, 19, of team Sunnyside’s S.T.K. echoed Cervantes’ thoughts, “We have to focus on all of our shots and make sure each one of them count.”

This was true for all teams as they competed for the top spot out of the five teams competing in both divisions.

Local resident Miguel Lugo and his family are a big part of the success of the popular, annual event.

From maintenance of the fields to scheduling, and mentorship. Lugo and his mother, Maria, father, Jose B, and brother, Jose, each contribute taking on multiple tasks.

Lugo and his family are longtime supporters of the sport and sees potential in Sunnyside for tourney and sport expansion.

Lugo was discussed how soccer played a formative role in his life and from this, he wants to help create the experience for others

“There’s lots of potential for something to invest in,” said Lugo.

Danny Sandoval can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 120 or email

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