Prosser High School Track Results

SINGLE SWEEP MOVE — Prosser High School Senior Paul Hudak finishes second with a time of 11.86 in the boys varsity 100m dash during the Central Washington Athletic Conference League track meet against Ephrata and Ellensburg at Art Fiker Stadium on Thursday, April 11. “This year, we’re hoping to take the lead title,” Hudak expressed after his strong finish in the 100. “We’re a lot stronger and more diverse in all the different events.”


100m – 1st Paul Hudak 11.86

4th Anthony Kernan 12.16

6th Case Reinmuth 12.20

9th Jake Gray 12.38

200m – 2nd Paul Hudak 23.83

4th Will Thompson 24.32

5th Anthony Kernan 24.93

6th Jake Gray 25.07

400m – 3rd Garrett Wheeler 55.17

5th Kaden Swift 59.41

6th Jesus Guerrero 59.50

10th Miles Gamble 1:03.71

1600m- 3rd Lukkes Hultberg 4:56.25

7th Max Wahl 5:12.12

3200m – Lukkes Hultberg 11:05.34

4th Max Wahl 11:59.41

110m hurdles – 2nd Levi VerMulm 17.78

3rd Oliver Davis 18.30

7th Kolbe Phillips 20.09

300m hurdles – 2nd Levi VerMulm 42.08

5th Kolbe Phillips 47.18

4x100 relay – 1st Paul Hudak, Case Reinmuth, Anthony Kernan, Will Thompson 44.98

4x400 relay – 3rd Paul Hudak, Jake Gray, Garrett Wheeler, Kaden Swift 3:44.94

Shot put – 6th Matt Showman 35-9.50

7th Kestin Hofstad 35-7.50

Discus – 7th Hunter Metz 94-2

9th Matt Showman 92-01

10th Kestin Hofstad 87-09

Javelin – 4th Levi VerMulm 127-00

8th Haden Hicks 123-10

10th Kade Shaw 119-05

High jump – 1st Oliver Davis 6-2

2nd Haden Hicks 6-0

4th Levi VerMulm 5-6

Pole vault – 8th Kolbe Phillips 7-6

Long jump – 2nd Haden Hicks 20-5

3rd Case Reinmuth 20-5

5th Will Thompson 19-7

8th Oliver Davis 18-11

9th Garrett Wheeler 18-9

Triple jump – 2nd Haden Hicks 40-10

4th Will Thompson 39-11

5th Case Reinmuth 39-10

10th Garrett Wheeler 37-3


100m – 6th Emily Moon 13.70

8th Jenna Schnellbach 14.00

9th Grace Roberts 14.18

200m – 2nd Emily Moon 27.32

6th Grace Roberts 29.50

10th Alexis Harris 30.68

400m – 3rd Emily Moon 1:03.42

6th Jenna Schnellbach 1:10.44

7th Cami Anderson 1:11.10

8th Lila Johnson 1:15.27

9th Abby Finn 1:15.36

800m – 5th Avery Thiemann 2:47.16

1600m – 6th Elizabeth Humberstad 6:36.36

3200m – 5th Sarai Lopez 15:31.38

100m hurdles – 2nd Natalia VerMulm 17.84

10th Hailey Garcia 54.92

300m hurdles – 2nd Natalia VerMulm 51.90

3rd Hailey Garcia 54.92

8th Aly Galindo 57.05

10th Samantha Moritzky 1:01.27

4x100 relay – 4th Ericka Rodriguez, Alexis Harris, Abby Finn, Grace Roberts 56.44

4x200 relay – 2nd Jenna Schnellbach, Alexis Harris, Natalia VerMulm, Emily Moon 1:55.68

4x400 relay – 2nd Aly Galindo, Ericka Rodriguez, Grace Roberts, Hailey Garcia 4:50.25

Shot put – 1st Abby Rodriguez 37-9.25

4th Grace Bryan 29-7

Discus – 2nd Abby Rodriguez 87-01

8th Grace Bryan 71-07

Javelin – 2nd Addisyn Grene 95-02

5th Abby Rodriguez 78-04

High jump – 4th Jenna Schnellbach 4-02

7th Tylie Niemi 4-00

Pole vault – 2nd Natalia VerMulm 8-06

3rd Layne Padelford 8-00

6th Jenna Buttars 6-06

9th Cami Anderson 6-00

Long jump – 5th Kelly Munn 13-08

8th Tylie Niemi 13-03.5

Triple jump – 3rd Martha Akinbade 29-05.0

4th Kelli Munn 28-07.5

5th Tylie Niemi 28-03.5

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