There all kinds of sports involving horses. One which looks like fun and just about anyone can do is team penning.

Team penning is a ranching skill. Some participants come from a ranching background. Others do not.

The skill was on display at Speck’s Arena in Sunnyside on Saturday. The Yakima Valley Team Penning Club staged one of its eight yearly competitions.

Speck’s Arena drew about 100 of the club’s 200 members. They varied in age and ability and competed against their peers.

The YVTPC was formed in 1995 by a group of team penners who wanted to promote the sport of team penning in the Yakima Valley.

Now in its 23rd season, the Club welcomes new members and provides opportunities for newcomers to learn the sport while having fun.

“Anyone can participate. It does not take a special horse, nor does it take great riding ability to compete,” member Connie Hauver said.

Hauver, her husband Larry and son Justin all compete, sometimes on the same teams.

Team penning is three horses and three riders trying to pen three cows in 60 seconds. But it’s a little complicated.

There is a large arena with and imaginary line (with a judge) splitting the arena into halves.

There are several cows in the first half. The second half contains a small corral, smaller than one-fourth of the arena. The objective for the riders is to cut three specific cows (numbered the same) out of the herd and pen them in the small corral in fewer than 60 seconds. But if any of the “dirty” cows is on the wrong side of the mid-line at the 60-second mark, there is no score.

The Club has five divisions: Youth, Novice, Green-Novice (points only), Amateur, Open, & Pro-Am-Nov (PAN) with eight (8) penning events throughout the year (Mar - Oct).

Netta Haller of Selah, whose grandfather had a cattle ranch, picked up the sport three years ago. She was inspired by her daughter Amelia, who got into team penning first.

“I still have a long way to go,” said the three-year Novice.

After last Saturday’s competition, Darrell Winters of Harrah remained atop the open class individual point standings with 467 points, but breathing down his neck are Robbie Prather with 462 and Teresa long with 442.

The top four teams in open class Saturday did not include any of the leaders. They were: 1. Liz Baremore, Beth Rishor and Larry Wolf; 2. Liz Baremore, Beth Rishor and LeAnne Wolf; 3. Larry Hauver, Justin Hauver and Connie Hauver; 4. Liz Baremore, Larry Wolf and Daniece Roettger.

Saturday’s Speck’s Arena results follow:

OPEN CLASS: 1, Liz Baremore, Beth Rishor, Larry Wolf, 6 Cows/76.45 sec; 2, Liz Baremore, Beth Rishor, LeAnne Wolf, 6/77.15; 3, Larry Hauver, Justin Hauver, Connie Hauver, 6/78.51; 4, Liz Baremore, Larry Wolf, Daniece Roettger, 6/81.86.

AMATEUR CLASS: 1, Shelly DeBoer, Kirsten Froelich, Aaron Shields, 6 Cows/68.19 sec.; 2, Wally Nelson, Bill Jones, Shelly DeBoer, 6/71.86;3, Amber Hunsaker, Jessica Martinez, Jane Bouchey, 6/77.47.

NOVICE CLASS: 1, Bobi Manuel, Janie Kepler, Daryl Kepler, 6 Cows/89.09 sec.; 2, Tori Calhoon, Al Ford, Sue Branch, 6/124.57; 3, Tom Leite, Joyce Roberts, Daryl Kepler, 5/114.36.

GREEN NOVICE CLASS: 1, Brooke Argento, Heather Calhoon, with/Tara Moore, 3 Cows/38.73 sec.; 2, Mike Brown, Tori Calhoon, with/Kelley Irwin, 3/46.97; 3, Brooke Argento, Rory Calhoon, with/Wyatt Crowley, 3/69.60.

YOUTH CLASS: 1, Amelia Haller, Kassidey Brownlee, with/Darrell Winters, 6 Cows/93.93 sec.; 2, Laynie Metheny, Carson Hauver, with/Kelley Irwin, 6/117.91; 3, Evin Harvey, Jason Ortiz, with/Darrell Winters, 5/125.40; 4, Amelia Haller, Kaycie Leslie, with/Kelley Irwin, 5/125.77.

PRO-AM-NOV CLASS: 1, Jay Cartmell, Diane Davis, Bobi Manuel, 6 Cows/65.41 sec.; 2, Mark Crowley, Wyatt Crowley, Evin Harvey, 6/67.25; 3, Teresa Long, Wyatt Crowley, Netta Haller, 6/68.25; 4, Al Ford, Barbie Tallman, John Lehmkuhl, 6/74.69; 5, Justin Hauver, Marvin Bright, Jason Ortiz, 6/76.08; 6, Kirsten Froelich, Wyatt Crowley, Heather Calhoon, 6/79.70.

QUICK DRAW CLASS: 1, Amber Hunsaker, 9 Cows; 2, Jay Cartmell, 6 Cows.


OPEN CLASS: 1, Darrell Winters, 467; 2, Robbie Prather, 462; 3, Teresa Long, 442.

AMATEUR CLASS: 1, Mike Buttrey, 324; 2, Pam Bright, 316; 3, Bill Jones, 302.

NOVICE CLASS: 1, Janie Kepler, 250; 2, Bobi Manuel, 246; 3, Daryl Kepler, 243.

GREEN NOVICE CLASS: 1, Melissa Garver, 53; 2 (tie), Heather Calhoon, 52; Brooke Argento, 52.

YOUTH CLASS: 1 (tie), Amelia Haller, 112; Carson Hauver, 112; 3, Kassidey Brownlee, 88.

P.A.N.-OPEN CLASS: 1, Teresa Long, 536; 2, Kelley Irwin, 486; 3, Darrell Winters, 483.

P.A.N.-AMATEUR CLASS: 1, Aaron Shields, 549; 2, Ron Davis, 500; 3, Wyatt Crowley, 473.

P.A.N.-NOVICE CLASS: 1, Shelly DeBoer, 551; 2, Sue Branch, 512; 3, Netta Haller, 427.

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