YAKIMA — Running strong and growing together as a team was the bond which kept the Grizzlies’ boys’ varsity runners focused over the course of a memorable cross-country season as they wrapped up their Big 9 District 6 meet with junior Reid Weaver qualifying for state at Franklin Park in Yakima on Thursday, Oct. 31.

“It’s really exciting! I remember being here two years ago and admiring all the runners on the podium, I just feel so blessed to be here,” Weaver joyfully expressed after he finished ninth in the varsity three-mile race with a time of 16:33:74.

The team captain competed in a field of 48 and making it to state has been a determined goal of his since barely missing out last year, he noted. Weaver did his research on the conference’s leading runners and developed a strategic plan to keep pace with them as he was both mentally and physically prepared to make the cut.

“Reid Weaver is one of the smartest and gustiest racers I know. He knows exactly how hard to push himself,” SHS boys coach Jeffrey White definitively conveyed. “He had me worried at about a mile and a half in when he was only in twelfth place. But he knew exactly what he was doing and with a quarter mile left, he made a move and put himself into sixth place.

Weaver realized he had to finish in the top 14 to advance and while there were a couple of runners that passed him at the end, ninth place and a personal record at the District meet was a savory accomplishment on Halloween. “. . .He never doubted it and knew the entire way,” White said.

“I have a great bunch of guys who are there every day and working hard with me,” Weaver stated.

He already has a group in place to run with him during his daily, 45-minute fast paced work-out regimen. “. . .He’s a very savvy racer. . .And, he gauged it perfectly today,” White stated.

The 2A WIAA State XC Meet will take place on Saturday, Nov. 9, at Sun Willows Golf Course, 2535 N. 20th Ave., Pasco.

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