Sunnyside Sharks’ Cannon Hauver finished third in the boys, 15-16, 40-yard butterfly with a clocking time of :26.72. during the final regular season meet at Grandview.

SUNNYSIDE – The Sharks and Neptunes closed out their regular swim season as they competed against one another at the Grandview pool last Wednesday, July 24.

“This is a good last meet to end on. We have about 80 percent of our team here, which is great,” Sharks’ Head Coach Aydan Harrington stated. “The season went by really fast. I wasn’t expecting it to end so fast …makes me sad.”

Khloe O’Brien was preparing to dive off the starting block for the first time. The Shark swimmer said, “It’s kind of exciting, she exclaimed. According to O’Brien, she has been practicing her entry into the water for some time.

Being a member of the Sharks for the past nine years, Cannon Hauver has had his share of success in the pool and being around the younger kids on the team.

“It’s fun to pass down my swimming knowledge and watch them grow,” Hauver described after he finished third in the boys, 15-16, 40-yard butterfly with a clocking time of :26.72. “It’s fun to coach.”

The Sunnyside High School student said he truly learned how much fun it was teaching the kids how to swim competitively when summer baseball season started for him as a member of the Monarchs.

“Our team has come a long way and made a drastic improvement since from the first day of practice until now,” Neptunes’ Head Coach Micah Binfet expressed. “I would just like to have made a lasting impact on this team. And, if I’m not here next year, hopefully, they will remember me.”

The coach said he has thoroughly enjoyed this season and had so much fun. “It’s been the most gratifying experience I’ve had coaching swim team. Seeing the kids improve and creating bonds with them.”

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