SUNNYSIDE — Children, parents and organizers were elated with the success of a track and field camp last week at Sunnyside High School.

Organized by assistant track coach Christy Borders, 72 children participated in the 5-day camp.

There were 10 older children, so instead of having an afternoon session, those children joined the morning session, Borders said.

“It’s nice because it’s cooler in the morning,” she said.

Parents, too, were pleased with the change because it was more convenient for those who would have had to attend both sessions, Borders noted.

She was happy so many kids took part in the first-ever camp.

“Any kid with any background from every walk of life can enjoy track, and this has given me a lot of happiness,” Borders said, noting she plans to organize future camps after the success of last week.

“I think this is awesome,” said Sarah Aguirre, whose three boys participated.

“It’s building their self-esteem and giving them something new to try,” she said.

“And, I’m drinking more water,” 9-year-old Christopher Aguirre chimed in.

Benjamin Torres, 7, said he’s found his favorite event is the shot put.

“We got to throw balls,” he said, adding “I had a lot of fun doing all this fun stuff.”

Parent Analilia Kollmar was excited to share her thoughts about the camp.

“I love how structured it all was, and the kids got a chance to try anything.”

Because the campers were supervised, parents had the option of running errands during the two hours each day, “… giving the kids a sense of independence,” Kollmar said.

“I especially like that younger kids like my 4-year-old could take part when most camps aren’t set up for that age,” she said, noting the children were kept in groups according to their age.

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