SENIOR LEADER — Sunnyside High School senior and team captain Daniel Singleterry during basketball practice on Friday, November 13.

SUNNYSIDE — The competition between hoops players within the six-member pod is not by accident. The health and safety plan in place for high school athletes has created a practice environment for players to excel both on and off the hardcourt.

During Friday’s evening basketball workout and structured pace, the drills took on a fiercely competitive tone like the squad was in Big 9 season form.

“In my four years here, you can just tell from day one how competitive they’ve been in our drills, which is really great to see. They like to compete against each other, and they like to win,” SHS Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach Bruce Siebol stated.

SHS senior Daniel Singleterry has been looking forward to getting back onto the court with his teammates and has been committed to working on his athletic strength and conditioning as well as overall health.

“I just took advantage of the quarantine. I’ve been working out a lot and not sitting around at home,” the chiseled team captain said.

He said his free weight routine has consisted of lifting four to five days at home for about an hour and half. Eats more healthier than ever before and gets plenty of rest. Singleterry was adamant about rest and performing an extensive cardiovascular regimen as well.

“I love the group we have. This is a really close knit bunch of kids, they work hard and I couldn’t be more happier with who we have,” Siebol conveyed.

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