KICKING FOR COMPETITION — Younger Neptunes swimmers make their way across the pool with kick boards to improve the breaststroke leg technique this past Monday morning.

GRANDVIEW — With the Neptunes Swim Team unable to access the pool the first week of practice, the first two competitions went swimmingly well under the circumstances.

First-year Head Coach Micah Binfet said the team wasn’t able to practice in the city pool until Monday, June 10.

City Administrator Cus Arteaga said the main pump, which circulates water, failed.

With just 38 members, most of whom are taking part in the competitive Amateur Athletics Union Mid-Valley Swim League for the first time, Binfet said there were only a handful able to compete against Sunnyside on Tuesday, June 11.

“I was proud of our kids who were able to be there,” Binfet said of the team.

Although the score was lopsided, 490-198, and the Sharks had a numbers advantage, there were some Neptunes coming out of the water victorious against the competition, he said.

In the meantime, Assistant Coach Taylor Ebbelaar stayed in Grandview with the new swimmers, who weren’t yet ready to compete, especially in the longer 50 meter pool.

Thursday, there were more Neptunes in the water against Toppenish, traditionally one of the largest teams in the league.

“They have a smaller team this year,” Binfet noted after sharing the score was much closer at 220-113.

“We don’t have as many older kids, and Prosser is the largest team in the league this year,” Binfet said.

It’s Prosser the Grandview swimmers were set to visit this past Tuesday. Thursday, Selah is set to visit the Neptunes.

Sunnyside had a bye this past Tuesday and hosts Toppenish on Thursday.

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