SUNNYSIDE — “Every day you come, we’re going to get better.”

That’s the motto of the Sunnyside Baseball Academy.

Led by long time baseball advocate and coach, Pete Marquez, the camp is teaching to players ages 8-18, America’s pastime at the High School field.

Beginning Monday, the camp will run through July 27.

Each day players will learn something new.

Marquez has hosted baseball programs in the past, but is going on his second year with the ‘Sunnyside Baseball Academy.’

“We’re trying to build on the name and make it bigger every year for the kids,” he said.

Older players focused more on the hitting aspect of baseball, while younger ones were given more instructions by Marquez.

The youngsters learned to bunt, catch and hit the ball.

Caden Condie, 10, enjoyed the catching part the most.

“I’ve been playing since I was four and I’ve enjoyed playing catcher the most,” Condie said.

Fellow camper Calvin Naught, 11, enjoyed playing the game the most.

“Being on the field and actually playing is my favorite thing to do,” Naught said.

At the end of the camp, players were given the opportunity to practice their hitting abilities before being treated with an otter pop to cool down.

Marquez gathered the players as they prepared to head off, giving them advice on getting better.

“To get better you have to put in commitment, I want them to understand that” he said.

The camp welcomes any player, boy or girl that wants to play.

Each participant receives a t-shirt and otter pops following the end of practice.

All proceeds benefit the Sunnyside High School baseball program.

For more information on the camp contact Marquez at 509-840-4412.

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