Week 17- 12/30/19

Valley Lanes

Top team- 2 Poles and a Hole, 113 points won, points loss 62.

Scratch Game Teams

Compadres, 647, Valley Lanes and Casino, 645, Pac-Vac, 612.

Scratch Series Teams

Compadres, 2335, Pac-vac, 2227, Valley Lanes and Casino, 2213.

Scratch Game

Men – Rob Rice,289, Shane Huth, 279, Tanner Schaneman, 242.

Women – Stacee Isaac, 245, Gena Stephenson, 233, Cheyenne Bird, 200.

Scratch Series

Men – Shane Huth, 942, Rob Rice, 847, Tanner Schaneman, 830.

Women – Stacee Isaac, 821, Gena Stephenson , 756, Steph Luke, 728.

Weekly game over average

Mens – Shane Huth, 81, Rob Rice, 74, Joaquin Lopez, 57.

Womens – Stacee Isaac, 68, Gena Stephenson, 57, Cheyenne Bird, 55.

Weekly series over average

Mens – Shane Huth, 150, Joaquin Lopez, 112, Dan Brown, 79.

Womens – Stacee Isaac, 113, Anna Gomez, 98, Gene Stephenson, 52.

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