OFFENSIVE EXECUTION — Vikings’ senior wide receiver/ defensive back Mabton’s Alexiz Galarza punched in a 49-yard carry for a touchdown after fending off two defenders, handed off from sophomore quarterback Andrez Zavala.

MABTON — The Mabton Vikings beat the Brewster Bears in a high scoring showdown at their homecoming game on Saturday, Sept. 20, on the Mabton High Jr./Sr. School Keith Morris Football Field.

Saturday’s game was sweet revenue for Mabton which had fallen to the Bears twice before in blowout fashion.

“We thought we would have to play a perfect game. We are going to have to play our best, …and they battled.” proclaimed Viking coach Pat Zavala.

The Vikings led up until the half, as both teams scored three touchdowns.

Brewster took over in the third quarter with two touchdowns. In the final quarter Mabton came back to outscore Brewster 28-6 to clinch the win to make the Vikings victorious, (2-1, 0-1).

Sophomore quarterback Andrez Zavala threw for 267 passing yards, ran for 80 rushed yards and contributed four touchdowns.

Senior wide receiver/defensive back Alexiz Galarza had 129 receiving yards, six receptions and three touchdowns.

Right before the end of the second quarter, Galarza had a 49-yard rush touchdown that helped deflate Brewster, “That was the most amazing feeling of my life, just breaking through two tackles and splitting the defenders - is the best feeling ever,” Galarza exclaimed.

The Vikings took advantage in the endzone as they converted three out of four 2-point conversions.

Brewster onside, kicked the ball five times throughout the game and had 492 total yards to Mabton’s 347. The Bears ended with five turnovers compared to the Viking’s two.

During halftime, the recently injured Sophomore Homecoming Prince Jesus Carreon was introduced during the homecoming ceremonies.

The varsity football, basketball, and soccer star was there to support his team. He successfully underwent surgery on an Avulsion Fracture of his tibia.

“I hope to be out on the field next year, right now it’s just time for rehab,” he announced.

The Vikings are looking to have their first conference road win next week against Tri-Cities Prep Friday, Sept. 27, at 7 p.m.

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