OPEN CLASS (31 Teams): 1st: Teresa Long, Darrell Winters, Connie Martinez, 6 cows, 74.18 sec.; 2nd: Tara Moore, Darrell Winters, Denis Gamache, 6, 79.74; 3rd: John Schieche, Darrell Winters, Tucker Braa, 6, 83.01; 4th: Jodi Braa, Tucker Braa, Callie Braa, 6, 90.47.

AMATEUR CLASS (26 Teams): 1st: Connie Hauver, Kirsten Froelich, Jeff Oyarzo, 6 cows, 89.32 sec.; 2nd: Sue Branch, Pam Bright, Jessica Martinez, 6, 93.99; 3rd: Jessica Martinez, Wally Nelson, Wyatt Crowley, 6, 104.52.

NOVICE CLASS (21 Teams): 1st: Evin Harvey, Rory Calhoon, Tori Calhoon, 6 cows, 98.85 sec.; 2nd: Ron Morse, AJ Metheny, Al Ford, 6, 106.32; 3rd: Bev Schieche, Joyce Roberts, Bobi Manuel, 6, 123.56.

GREEN NOVICE (12 Teams): 1st: Haley Bundrant, Keeley Leite, w/Mark Crowley, 4 cows, 123.58 sec.; 2nd: Beverley Bingaman, Tori Calhoon, w/Connie Martinez, 4, 139.44; 3rd: Beverley Bingaman, Juliann Hinkle, w/John Schieche, 3, 129.33.

YOUTH CLASS (9 Teams): 1st: Evin Harvey, Jason Ortiz, w/Mark Crowley, 6 cows, 128.57 sec.; 2nd: Kassidey Brownlee, Haley Bundrant, w/Wyatt Crowley, 6, 130.68; 3rd: Laynie Metheny, Jason Ortiz, w/Darrell Winters, 6, 134.03.

PAN CLASS (51 Teams): 1st: John Schieche, Jane Bouchey, Bev Schieche, 6 cows, 70.86 sec.; 2nd: Darrell Winters, Pam Bright, Tom Leite, 6, 83.86; 3rd: Denis Gamache, Jane Bouchey, Al Ford, 6, 84.60; 4th: Ron Davis, Wyatt Crowley, Jason Ortiz, 6, 92.57; 5th: Mark Crowley, Amelia Haller, Evin Harvey, 6, 94.18; 6th: Teresa Long, Amelia Haller, Janie Kepler, 6, 99.44.

QUICK DRAW (9 Riders): Callie Braa, 8 cows, 134.31 sec.


OPEN CLASS: 1st: Darrell Winters 150 Pts.; 2nd: Dan Hunsaker 119; 3rd: Connie Martinez 92.

AMATEUR CLASS: 1st: Kirsten Froelich 69 Pts.; 2nd: Jessica Martinez 67; 3rd: Wyatt Crowley 64.

NOVICE CLASS: 1st: Mike Brown 64 Pts; 2nd: Tori Calhoon 55; 3rd: Rory Calhoon 53.

GREEN NOVICE CLASS: 1st: Beverley Bingaman 28 Pts; 2nd: Juliann Hinkle 19; 3rd: Keeley Leite 18.

YOUTH CLASS: 1st: Jason Ortiz 30 Pts; 2nd: Evin Harvey 27; 3rd: Kassidey Brownlee 18.

PAN-OPEN CLASS: 1st: Mark Crowley 108 Pts; 2nd: Tara Moore 106; 3rd: Denis Gamache 65.

PAN-AMATEUR CLASS: 1st: Jane Bouchey 174 Pts; 2nd: Amelia Haller 113; 3rd: Wyatt Crowley 107.

PAN-NOVICE CLASS: 1st: Janie Kepler 151 Pts; 2nd: Heather Calhoon 150; 3rd: Jason Ortiz 96.

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