SUNNYSIDE — Lower Valley Soccer League youth teams took to the competitive field and played until the final whistle at Sun Valley Elementary School last Friday evening.

An assortment of games which featured different age kids and coed teams displayed their excitement for wearing their uniform and getting the opportunity to play as part of a team.

Four and five-year old players of the Sunnyside Warriors and Mini Gladiators squared off for a 7 on 7 soccer game which consisted of two, 20 minute periods at 6 p.m.

According to her mom Jessica, Warrior goalkeeper London Campuzano, 4, of Grandview, loves to play goalie. She asked to play the position which surprised her mother.

“I’m very proud of her. She loves the league and is always excited to come out and play,” Campuzano expressed as she reminisced about when her husband was the Captain of Grandview High’s soccer team. “She wants to be just like her dad.”

First year coach Cris Guevara volunteered to guide the development of the Warriors team as his son Michael makes up one of the 12 players. A full sideline of parents assists the coach with teaching the young athletes about the sport.

“It’s fun and exciting for the kids. And it gives them an opportunity to play as a team and understand how the game works,” Guevara explained, whose brother is SHS Boys Varsity Soccer Co-Head David Guevara. He was there to cheer on and see his nephew play.

“I love it. They’re so young. And, they just kind of go after it. That’s all I hope for at this age. Smile and have fun. It doesn’t matter what that final score was,” David Guevara stated.

Both teams ran from goal to goal as they were all able to touch the ball with their feet and entertained the encouraging spectators. Players got their exercise in and at the end of the game, after high fiving one another, it was all about the snack packs.

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